Similar to our HM-USB-ISO, the HM-USB-ISO-BP is an isolated USB HART modem, but with banana plugs rather than Minigrabbers for the HART connection. This allows for more flexibility while performing HART communications for a wide variety of communication situations.

$480.00 (USD)

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Features of Our HART Modem with a Banana Plug

The HM-USB-ISO-BP banana plug HART modem comes equipped with standard 0.175” diameter banana plugs for easy connection of banana jack test leads.
As with our other isolated USB HART modems, the HM-USB-ISO-BP offers a number of benefits and features including:

There are many more benefits to choosing our HM-USB-ISO-BP banana plug HART modem, including the fact that you can also choose custom cable lengths to find the one that best fits your needs.

Our isolated USB HART modem with banana plug option is ideal for use with the PowerXpress HART power solution, and, as with all our products, it offers you high-quality, cost-effective HART communication solutions.

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