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Cost-Efficient and Advanced HART and FF Communicators
Bluetooth Adapter for Windows

Bluetooth USB Adapter for when a Windows PC or Tablet does not have Bluetooth functionality. Also useful if the built-in Bluetooth range is too short. Plug into a USB port to add Bluetooth functionality to a Windows device. More info...


This is an accessory.


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1-Year Warranty
1-Year Warranty
Protocol: HART
Protocol: Foundation Fieldbus
Foundation Fieldbus
Protocol: Profibus PA
Profibus PA
Operating System: Android
Operating System: Windows
Interface: Bluetooth
Bluetooth Adapter for Windows
Features and Benefits:

Features and Benefits:

  • Add Bluetooth to your PC
  • Extend the Bluetooth range of your PC or Tablet
  • Improve plant personnel safety
  • Reliable wireless communication up to 330 ft (100m)
  • Internal antenna
  • USB connection
  • Self-powered via USB
  • Compact size 0.28” x 0.87” x 0.59” (7mm x 22mm x 15mm)
  • Rugged ABS plastic enclosure
  • 1 Year warranty
What's NOT included:
  • Windows PC
  • HART Modem
  • FF Modem

Quantity Desired:

Quantity must be a number between 1 & 99.

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