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Cost-Efficient and Advanced HART and FF Communicators

Cloud Solution


The ProComSol Cloud Solution allows for DevCom Apps (for all operating systems and protocols) to store saved Instrument Configurations and Instrument Calibration Check data to the Cloud.  The Cloud Solution is enabled through a Cloud Subscription purchase.  There are two options for the Cloud Subscription, CLOUD-1YR and CLOUD-NOEXP.  The CLOUD-1YR is a one year subscription and the CLOUD-NOEXP subscription does not expire.

Features and Benefits:

  • Secure and safe
  • Backs-up your saved instrumentation data in case your mobile device is lost or damaged
  • Share the saved Cloud data with your colleagues via defined Groups
  • Works with all DevCom Apps including HART and Foundation Fieldbus (FF)
  • Works with all DevCom App operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS

See the Feature Spotlight on the ProComSol Cloud Solution.

Note that once data is saved to the Cloud it can always be retrieved, even if the Cloud Subscription expires.  However, new data cannot be saved to the Cloud if the Cloud Subscription has expired.

Also note that there is minimal setup to use the Cloud Solution.  No knowledge of Internet Protocols, Publishing, Security, etc. is needed to get started.  No one from the IT department needs to do any setup.  Simply purchase the Subscription, and enter a few pieces of information about yourself, the organization, and the what other users you want to be in your group.  That's it!

Cloud Use Case - Instrument Configuration Back-up

Instant Back Up Saves the Day, Literally!
- Joe performed 20 instrument configuration saves on his shift
- He returns to office at the end of the day, but his tablet is dead and won’t turn back on
- Using the Cloud Solution, all his work was saved on the cloud so the whole day was not lost
- Bonus! He gets a spare tablet and is up and running in minutes, no need to order a $10K communicator and then wait for delivery before becoming productive again
- There are many variations on this story - tablet lost, technician out sick, etc.

Cloud Use Case - Known Good Instrument Configuration

Instrument Configuration Sharing Keeps the Plant Running
- Pam is reconfiguring an instrument, but got one parameter wrong and now nothing works or looks right.  The plant will go offline.
- So she downloads the last known good instrument configuration to her tablet from the cloud, originally saved by Mick last week
- Pam restores the instrument to its original configuration, keeping the plant online.  Then starts her configuration change again - this time more carefully!

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