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Cost-Efficient and Advanced HART and FF Communicators
Cloud Subscription, No Expiration

Cloud Subscription gives the DevCom Apps the ability to store saved Device Configurations and Calibration Check data to the Cloud. This subscription is a one-time fee that is good forever and does not expire. More info...


This is a subscription.

DevCom License Required

This product requires that you have a DevCom license.

LicenseID is a number between 100000 and 999999999


Quantity Desired:

Quantity must be a number between 1 & 99.

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Protocol: HART
Protocol: Foundation Fieldbus
Foundation Fieldbus
Operating System: Android
Operating System: iOS
Operating System: Windows
Interface: Bluetooth
Interface: Bluetooth LE
Bluetooth LE
Interface: Ethernet
Interface: RS232
Interface: USB
OK For Hazardous Areas
OK For Hazardous Areas
Cloud Subscription, No Expiration
Features and Benefits:
  • Secure and safe
  • Backs-up your saved instrumentation data in case your mobile device is lost or damaged
  • Share the saved Cloud data with your colleagues via defined Groups
  • Works with all DevCom Apps including HART and Foundation Fieldbus (FF)
  • Works with all DevCom App operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Subscription never expires!
What's NOT included:
  • DevCom License

License Required

requires a DevCom license.


Quantity Desired:

Quantity must be a number between 1 & 99.

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