ProComSol Partners with Softing Industrial for More Effective Field Device Parameterization

Softing Industrial

As a provider of communication solutions to the HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) marketplace, ProComSol has developed a number of products compatible with smart devices and computers. One of the more recent projects is the DevCom App for Android and Apple devices, designed to enhance device configuration.


To extend the company’s capabilities and value within the industry, ProComSol has begun a partnership with Softing Industrial, a specialist for digital data exchange in industrial automation applications.


This partnership will join ProComSol’s DevComDroid Android app with Softing Industrial’s new mobiLink interface, with the aim of optimizing their offerings for field device parameterization.


Softing Industrial’s mobiLink is the first interface with multi-protocols to combine HART master, Foundation fieldbus host and PROFIBUS PA master in a single device, while also offering convenient USB and Bluetooth access.  ProComSol’s current release of the DevComDroid app works with the mobiLink interface for HART.


An updated version of ProComSol’s DevComDroid App that will also interface with the Foundation Fieldbus mobiLink host is planned to be released in the second half of 2018.


Thomas Hilz, Program Marketing Manager at Softing, says that “Together with ProComSol, we will be able to offer our customers a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective solution for device parameterization.”


More About Softing Industrial and the mobiLink Interface


The Softing Industrial team is experts in exchanging digital data in industries such as automotive and industrial. With years of experience and international relations, the company has developed cutting-edge solutions within its wide line of products.


More specifically, their mobiLink interface is making strides within the process automation market by simplifying mobile access to field devices for plant operators, system integrators and more.


More About ProComSol and the DevCom App


ProComSol has been providing advanced HART communication for more than a decade. With a focus on enhancing pieces of technology for devices such as smartphones and computers, ProComSol has made a mark on the industry with its various products.

The DevCom Smart Device Communicator Android and iOS application is used to perform complete HART device configurations.


Some of the app’s key benefits include:

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