New at ProComSol: mobiLink Now Available

mobiLink for HART

As a proven leader of communication solutions to the HART marketplace, 
ProComSol has developed a number of products compatible with smart devices and computers. One of our more recent projects is the DevCom App for Android and Apple devices, designed to enhance device configuration. 

To extend our capabilities and value within the industry, ProComSol has begun a partnership with Softing Industrial, a specialist for digital data exchange in industrial automation applications. This partnership will join ProComSol’s DevComDroid Android app with Softing Industrial’s new mobiLink interface, with the aim of optimizing our offerings for field device parameterization. 

Softing Industrial’s mobiLink is the first interface with multi-protocols to combine HART master, Foundation Fieldbus host and PROFIBUS PA master in a single device, while also offering convenient USB and Bluetooth access. 

Best of all, ProComSol’s current release of the DevComDroid app works with the mobiLink interface for HART. The DevCom Smart Device Communicator app for Android is used to perform complete HART device configurations.

Our New mobiLink Options

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Features of the mobiLink Interface

Some of the app’s key benefits include: 

ProComSol views this product as the future – a single interface for the major Process Automation Protocols – HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA.

Coming Soon at ProComSol

Look for an Android app that will interface with the Foundation Fieldbus mobiLink host in the near future!

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