Hazardous-Area HART Communicators

Working in hazardous environments, you need equipment that is both functional and durable. Finding HART communicators for hazardous environments that allow you the flexibility to perform configurations easily, without adding additional bulk or weight onto your belt can be difficult, but not with ProComSol.

Handheld HART Communicators for Hazardous Environments

At ProComSol, we offer a wide range of high-quality HART communicators for hazardous environments at a cost-effective price. Our hazardous-area HART communicators range from modems to your very own phone or tablet.
There are many ways to get handheld convenience at a fraction of the cost of traditional hazardous-area HART communicators.

Benefits of our HART communicators for hazardous environments include not only a lower cost, but additional capabilities such as internet access, email, and other tools all on one device.

You can purchase devices already designed and certified for hazardous areas or you can make your existing device hazardous-area ready with the addition of a certified enclosure.

Explore our hazardous-area HART communicators below to find the best one to fit your needs.

Hazardous Area Android Phones and Tablets

Simply install the DevComDroid App onto phones and tablets rated for hazardous areas from ecom instruments along with a hazardous-area rated HART modem.

Existing General-Purpose Android Phone

Use your general-purpose Samsung GALAXY 4 phone with the DevComDroid App and enclose it in a hazardous area rated case from XCIEL.

Existing General-Purpose Windows Tablet

Use your general-purpose Surface Pro tablet with the DevCom2000 software and enclose it in a hazardous area rated case from XCIEL.

Preconfigured HART Communicators for Hazardous Environments

The items discussed can be purchased directly from the individual vendors or you can purchase complete kits from ProComSol. Kit contains everything required and configured, including the HART modem.

Software and Apps

If you already have the necessary devices for hazardous areas, simply install the appropriate DD-based HART configuration software.


We now offer a hazardous area modem for HART, Foundation Fieldbus (FF), and Profibus PA.

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