Turn Your Device into a Handheld HART Communicator with ProComSol


Converting your PC, tablet, or smartphone into a handheld HART communicator can provide a host of benefits for your company and keep your essential equipment operating smoothly. Let’s take a look at what ProComSol can provide when it comes to portable HART communicators.


About Our Portable HART Communicator Options


With our Smart Communicator software and HART modem, you can easily convert your PC, tablet, or mobile device into a fully functional handheld HART communicator at a fraction of the cost of buying a single purpose unit.


Even better, our HART communication devices work with Windows, iOS (Apple), and Android devices, giving you full versatility when it comes to making the right choices for you company’s needs.


Some of the benefits of working with ProComSol for your HART communicators needs include:


Along with all of these factors, our products are versatile, and have been put to use in industries such as oil and gas, power generationwater and wastewater, pharmaceuticals, mining and metals, food and beverage, and many more.


Additionally, the products at ProComSol can replace Emerson 475 and Emerson 375 communicators. With the Emerson 475 Field Communicator no longer available, our products are ideal if you’re looking for a replacement or upgrade. Check out our post about replacing the Emerson 475s and 375s for more details.


Our Products for Handheld HART Communicators


We supply diverse products for our clients to ensure that their essential device needs are met. Some of the products we provide include:


Of course, these are just a sampling of everything that ProComSol can provide. Be sure to visit our product page linked above for more devices, modems, rugged and hazardous area kits, cables, adapters, and more.


Looking to Improve Your Operations with Handheld HART Communicators? Contact Us


ProComSol has the products, industry expertise, and dedication to deliver the solutions you need for your business. Reach out to our team today and we’ll help you assess your needs and find the ideal solutions for your HART communicator needs.