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Cost-Efficient and Advanced HART and FF Communicators

ACHEMA 2024: Intrinsically Safe HART Communicator for Android

ACHEMA 2024 Booth HART IS Detail

ProComSol is exhibiting at the 2024 ACHEMA show in Frankfurt, Germany June 10 to 14.  Join us in Hall 11, booth C14 as part of the FieldComm Group stand.  We have a kiosk showing our products including Intrinsically affordable safe HART Communicator solutions for Android.  The display is fully functional. 

Stop by and see what DevComDroid can do for you!

We also have a booth cafe with beverages and snacks with a lounge area.  

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The display shows a fully functional DD based HART Communicator for Android.  All the components are safe for use in Hazardous Areas.  Read HART instrument data, view instrument status, and view/edit instrument parameters.

The HART Communicator for Android consists of these components:
DevComDroid - HART Communicator App for Android.  Uses the HART Instrument DD so has access to all instrument parameters including Methods
MOBI-HART - mobiLink Modem for HART.  Safe for Hazardous areas.  Bluetooth for Hazardous areas and USB for safe areas
ECOM Phone - Android mobile phone safe for Hazardous areas.

Foundation Fieldbus (FF) Communicators for Hazardous areas are also available,


Other Android Options

We offer the Android HART Communicator components as Bundles and Kits.  Purchase a Bundle when you already have an Android device.  The Kits include everything needed for an out-of-the-box HART communicator - Android device, DevComDroid App installed and activated, the HART modem is paired, and the complete kit is fully tested and ready to communicate.

Both HART and FF Communicator kits are available.

Use our Product Finder to find the right Bundle or Kit for you:
Product Finder

A full list of our HART and FF Communicator solutions for Hazardous areas:
Hazardous Area Solutions


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