HM-USB-PWR, USB HART Modem, Integrated Power Supply

Are you looking for a HART protocol compliant modem with a USB interface and power supply? The HM-USB-PWR is a USB HART Modem with an integrated power supply of +24Vdc. The HM-USB-PWR easily connects and powers your HART instruments for configuration and monitoring from your PC.

$700.00 (USD)

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Discover the Benefits of Our USB HART Modem with Integrated Power Supply


While other companies may offer similar USB HART modems, none compare to the cost-effective HART solutions offered by ProComSol. Our products, including the HM-USB-PWR, are manufactured with high-quality standards in mind, but at a fraction of the cost of other USB HART modems.


Some other benefits of our USB HART modem with integrated power supply include:


Features of the HM-USB-PWR


The HM-USB-PWR HART modem with integrated power supply is designed with the user in mind. As a self-powered USB HART modem, the HM-USB-PWR requires no external batteries or power source. This, combined with its rugged design, makes it ideal for use in a wide range of HART applications and in a variety of industries.


If you have any questions regarding the HM-USB-PWR, please feel free to contact us online or via phone at 216-221-1550.