HM-RS232-ISO, RS232 HART Modem, Isolated

Easily connect your PC to your HART instruments with our RS232 HART modem. The HM-RS232-ISO is a self-powered isolated HART modem that helps streamline configuration and monitoring. As an electronically isolated HART modem, our RS232 HART modem also offers enhanced safety and performance features.

$450.00 (USD)

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HM-RS232-ISO: An RS232 HART Modem Built with You in Mind

As with all our products, we construct HART communication solutions with the user in mind. From the rugged design and capabilities to the cost-effective price, every element of our RS232 Isolated HART modem is crafted with you in mind.


Benefits of theHM-RS232

The HM-RS232-ISO isolated HART modem offers many user benefits including compatibility with Windows systems, certifications, and a lead-free design (RoHS declared).

By purchasing our RS232 HART modem, you will also receive the following benefits:

Features of Our RS232 HART Modem

In addition to being an electronically isolated HART modem, which adds to the safety and performance of the device, our HM-RS232-ISO also offers a number of other features from custom cable lengths to its rugged design.

Some other features of our RS232 HART modem include:

For questions regarding the HM-RS232-ISO isolated HART modem, please reach out online or by phone: 877.221.1551 (toll free).