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Cost-Efficient and Advanced HART and FF Communicators

Newsletter, July 2022

ProComSol, Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced, cost-effective, and reliable HART and Foundation Fieldbus (FF) communication products for the Process Control marketplace. We are dedicated to providing the most affordable and innovative HART and FF products in the market, helping our customers to connect, configure, and document their essential operations.

With our DevCom Smart Device Communicator Software and a HART modem, you can use your PC, tablet, or smartphone as a full featured HART communicator. 

Our DevCom Smart Device Communicator is a full-featured HART Communicator that offers many advantages over hand held communicators: ease of updating, ease of use, multi-function capability, ability to document and manage device configurations, and most importantly – significant cost savings - a fraction of the cost of the dinosaur communicators on the market.

DevCom mobile Apps are available for Windows, Android and iOS. They are feature rich, stable, and reliable.  Learn more from our white paper.

ProComSol Releases Foundation Fieldbus (FF) Smart Device Communicator

We are pleased to introduce our Smart Device Communicator for Foundation Fieldbus (FF) for Android devices. Like the Windows version, DevComFF.Droid uses the Device Descriptor (DD) files for Foundation Fieldbus instruments.  The full DD library is included with software.

DevComFF.Droid requires the use of the MOBI-FF modem, and connects to the modem using Bluetooth.  A 10-day trial is available for evaluation.

Learn more!

New licensing policy for HD-STACK and HD-MODEM.  Now only a one time fee that includes source code and support.  No need to track quantities sold. 

Reduce your HART transmitter development time and expense using a FieldComm Group registered HART Stack.  

Contact us for a quote.

See what ProComSol mobile HART and FF products can do for your team.  Enjoy a refreshment and try out our newest and most innovative line of mobile HART and FF communicator solutions.

ACHEMA begins August 22 and ends August 26

Daily Hours: 09:00 - 18:00      

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your DevCom software for optimal performance and latest features.  Here are the latest versions.  Questions?

DevCom.iOS  now at Rev
DevComDroid now at Rev
DevCom2000 now at Rev 7.8
DevComFF.Win now at Rev 1.2
DevComFF.Droid -
DD Library now at Rev 2021-04

There are now two update subscription options:
SUB-1YR, Updates for one year
SUB-NOEXP, Updates forever
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2022-07-01 11:24 AM

About ProComSol

ProComSol, Ltd was founded in 2005 and has become the leading provider of technically advanced, cost-effective communication solutions to the process automation marketplace. The president, Jeffrey Dobos, has 22+ years’ experience developing products with HART technology. The company also designs and manufactures RS232, USB, and Bluetooth HART modems. In combination with the modems, the company’s DevCom and DevComFF Smart Communicator App family is used to convert a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone into a full featured, DD based HART or FF Communicator.

ProComSol, Ltd Contact:

Irena Wasylyk, Technical Sales
13001 Athens Ave. - Suite 220 - Lakewood, OH 44107
Phone: 216.221.1550

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