MOBI-DROID: HART mobiLink Comm Bundle

MOBI-DROID combines our one-of-a-kind DevComDroid Smart HART Communicator App with the intrinsically safe MOBI-HART Modem into a single part number to provide you with optimal savings.

$2,500.00 (USD)

User Manual

What You Need to Know About Our Android-Based HART Communicator


We’ve grouped together two of our popular products into one part number for easy ordering and convenience.

 Special Bundle Pricing! 

The MOBI-DROID includes our innovative DevComDroid software and the MOBI-HART modem, providing you with the very best that ProComSol has to offer, and allowing you to easily and readily perform HART communication tasks.

The MOBI-DROID includes:


* Note: Smartphone not included. 


Benefits of Using an Android-Based HART Communicator


 With our innovative software, you can turn your smartphone into an Android-based HART communicator. Some of the benefits include: 


The app is also user friendly, with an easy-to-navigate menu structure and language support for Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Swedish.


 MOBI-HART Intrinsically Safe HART Modem

Features of the MOBI-HART HART Modem

In addition to the advantages of our MOBI-HART modem listed above, companies can greatly benefit from the wide variety of features this product includes. Increase efficiency with these great features as part of the MOBI-HART HART modem:


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