HD-STACK, a HART Slave Device Stack from ProComSol

Registered with the FieldComm Group, our HD-STACK comes with lower development and unit costs than the competition.

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Highway Addressable Remote Transducer, more commonly known in the industry as HART, is a communication protocol for smart field slave devices. One of the devices that its capabilities are evident in is the HD-STACK from ProComSol.

Below, you’ll find a high-level outline of our HART slave device stack, including information about its benefits and what your investment will include.


What the HD-STACK Is

Our HART slave device stack provides:


What the HD-STACK Includes

When you purchase a HART slave device stack from ProComSol, it will include the following resources for you to utilize:


Overall Benefits from Our HART Slave Device Stack 

If you’re looking to purchase an HD-STACK device for your company, our team can walk you through each of the unit’s key benefits, which are:

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