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May 2018


 Calibration Check Feature - New!

A new DevCom feature called "CalCheck" is now undergoing beta testing.  This feature allows the user to verify and document the calibration performance of their HART devices.  The user applies a calibration standard and DevCom captures the relevant data to document the device measurement.  The user can then perform any necessary device trims using the same DevCom App.


CalCheck is a quick way to add a "Documenting Calibrator" to your toolbox without an additional (and expensive!) purchase. 




You ask and we listen!  The CalCheck feature was suggested by a DevCom user.  Please send feature requests to us.  We all want DevCom to be the best!



ACHEMA 2018 - See you there!

ProComSol is on the road next month in Frankfurt, Germany from June 11 - 15.  ACHEMA has proven to be a very valuable show for us!  We look forward to getting out of the office and meeting or re-connecting with colleagues from around the globe.  If you would like to set up a meeting in advance, we welcome it. Simply send us an e-mail! ProComSol can be found sharing a space with Fieldcomm Group in Hall 11, Booth E44. Stop by for a beverage and stay for demonstrations of the most innovative, cost effective, and easy to use HART communicators in the world!  


Thanks for your feedback, Tyler!

Procomsol welcomes all of the feedback we can get.  Here is a recent testimonial...  "The maiden voyage out with the DevCom.iOS and HM-BLE modem was to complete the recommissioning of a SAGD boiler house in northern Alberta. I had to get the cell phone based package pre-approved for use onsite as cell phones are usually not allowed in the oil industry. The customer was easy to deal with and accepted that the cell phone was required as a part of my equipment. During the recommissioning I used the ProComSol setup on 60 different devices (PT, TT, Positioners, etc.). It worked very good. I would say that it exceeded my expectations. Zero connectivity or compatibility issues. I found it physically easier to work with when using a calibration pump and crystal compared to the Emerson 475. My cell phone was either in my top coverall pocket or on my calibration sheet clipboard. Also I enjoyed the long range that the Bluetooth modem had. I found this very helpful for confirming ZSCs and ZSOs at the HMI. After I completed the calibration I just simply walked over to the HMI and stroked the valve to confirm that the valve limit switch was functioning and the PLC was receiving proper status."



Time is running out!

FieldComm Group is actively seeking qualified nominees for the 2018 Plant of the Year Award. End users and suppliers from all world areas are encouraged to nominate their plant or customer’s plant for this prestigious award.

Nominations must be received by May 31st, 2018!

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In Case You Missed It

Transform your personal device into a full HART communicator and make it rugged on us!  With our DevCom Smart Communicator App and our Bluetooth HART modems, you can use your Smartphone as a full featured HART communicator at a fraction of the cost of a hand held communicator. For April and May 2018, ProComSol is offering an Amazon E-Card so you can purchase an Otterbox to make your device rugged! *A $30 USD Amazon E-Card will be emailed to customers who register their DevCom App purchase. Simply e-mail your ProComSol invoice number to to register your purchase. 

In Search Of....
ProComSol is actively looking to increase distribution worldwide and currently has a number of open territories for distributors.  If you are (or know somebody who is) interested in partnering with the innovative leader in process communication, please contact us!

Did you know...


orld Day for Cultural Diversity is on May 21st. 
It is a United Nations sanctioned international holiday for the promotion of diversity issues. Here's to taking time to celebrate the non-traditional and welcoming the diversity around us!  Cheers!

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