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June 2018


 ProComSol and Softing are teaming up!

Press Release - Achema Trade Fair, Frankfurt/Main, June 13, 2018 - Softing Industrial, a leading specialist for digital data exchange in industrial automation applications and ProComSol, a US-based leading provider of communication solutions to the HART marketplace, announced a strategic partnership with the aim of optimizing their offering for field device parameterization. The two companies are teaming up for collaboration across Softing’s new mobiLink interface and ProComSol’s DevComDroid App.


“The mobiLink interface, with our DD-based Apps is a powerful addition to the user’s toolbox. We are excited to work with Softing to provide best of class communication solutions for the process automation market,” says Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol, Ltd.


According to Thomas Hilz, Program Marketing Manager at Softing, “Together with ProComSol, we will be able to offer our customers a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective solution for device parameterization.”


ProComSol is very enthusuastic to be apart of this partnership and believe that the customer experience with these combined products will be like no other!


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Calibration Check Feature 
A new DevCom feature called "CalCheck" is now undergoing beta testing. This feature allows the user to verify and document the calibration performance of their HART devices. The user applies a calibration standard and DevCom captures the relevant data to document the device measurement. The user can then perform any necessary device trims using the same DevCom App.

CalCheck is a quick way to add a "Documenting Calibrator" to a users toolbox without an additional (and expensive!) purchase. Roll out is planned soon, stay tuned!

You ask and we listen! The CalCheck feature was suggested by a DevCom user. Please send feature requests to us. We all want DevCom to be the best!  


Satisfaction Guaranteed - No Joke

"Satisfaction Guaranteed" is something ProComSol takes very seriously. We understand that field work has a different challenge every day.  Equipment failure is no joke when you are on a deadline. 

Recently, technician John, was feeling the pressure of getting the job done when he realized the touchscreen on "the dinosaur" handheld device he was attempting to use was not responding.  And to make matters worse, the display was losing contrast making it difficult to read and troubleshoot.  After wasting a bunch of time trying to figure out a fix, John came across the website and gave us a call.  We were able to overnight him a HM-BT-BAT-ER Bluetooth HART Modem. Using the DevComDroid App on his Smart phone - problem solved, job completed on time, and another satisfied customer. 

The integrity of our company is on the line when our customers are not completely satisfied and this is no joke to all of us at ProComSol.



NOW AVAILABLE - HART® Technology: A Technical Overview
FieldComm Group, In Collaboration With Author Romilly Bowden, Has Officially Released The Updated Version Of HART Technical Overview – A Technical Manual Intended To Help Readers Understand The Features And Benefits Of HART Technology – How It Works And What It Can Do.
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In Case You Missed It

Transform your personal device into a full HART communicator and make it rugged on us!  With our DevCom Smart Communicator App and our Bluetooth HART modems, you can use your Smartphone as a full featured HART communicator at a fraction of the cost of a hand held communicator. Extended through June and July 2018, ProComSol is offering an Amazon E-Card so you can purchase an Otterbox to make your device rugged! *A $30 USD Amazon E-Card will be emailed to customers who register their DevCom App purchase. Simply e-mail your ProComSol invoice number to to register your purchase. 

In Search Of....
ProComSol is actively looking to increase distribution worldwide and currently has a number of open territories for distributors.  If you are (or know somebody who is) interested in partnering with the innovative leader in process communication, please contact us!

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