Newsletter, July 2019

The 21st Century Mobile Worker

Many people in the Process Automation world spend a vast amount of time trying to predict the future of the industry.  ProComSol has a pretty straight-forward approach to this daunting task - the predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  No, this isn't some Dr Phil folksy proverb.  Think of past behavior as in the recent past.  For instance, how much time did you spent on your personal device yesterday and how much of a stressor is it when that device is not by your side?  If you answered "A Lot!" to both you are part of the broad majority.  Mobile devices, mobile workers - the future is now!  The real question for our industry is, how to incorporate the mobile worker concept, and do it faster than competitors. 

Recently, Control Global along with the FieldComm Group sponsored a webinar to address "Smart Field Communication Technology -- What's Coming and What You Need To Know".  Along with colleagues from industry leaders such as Frank Fengler (ABB) and Olivier Wolff (Endress+Hauser), ProComSols' President Jeffrey Dobos shared his thoughts. With particular emphasis on the mobile worker Jeff stated,  "There are technologies developed outside of the process industry world that are going to, and currently are, having a profound effect on our industry."  A re-play of this webinar is available HERE.

ProComSol gets it!  We have spent countless hours over the past 15 years on research and development to introduce the DevCom family of apps.  DevCom is the world's ONLY DD (Device Descriptor) based HART communicator for Android and iOS (Apple).  A Windows version, DevCom2000, is also available. 
ProComSol has stayed ahead of the curve by introducing Affordable, Innovative, and Reliable products to the Process Automation Marketplace.
Coming Soon To DevCom 
? Device Configuration Save to Cloud ?
Saving your device configuration data to the cloud provides many benefits.  It allows for easier data sharing with colleagues and secure back up of instrument data.  Stay tuned for an update announcement, release expected within a few weeks!
ProComSol is happy to announce a partnership with Exact Measurement & Controls. We are thrilled to have this group of product experts representing us in Sasolburg, South Africa!
DevCom & mobiLink Solution
Softings' mobiLink provides intrinsically safe access to field devices for the major Process Automation protocols, HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA. The Bluetooth and battery operation enables it to be used with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  DevCom for Android has been communicating HART with mobiLink for over a year.  We are pleased to announce DevCom for iOS is now mobiLink capable as well. Email us with any questions. 
We will take all the feedback we can get!  Here are a couple of recent comments;

- Again your customer support is first rate.

- (DevCom) works as well as a 475 and the selection tree is a nice addition that can make it easier to navigate.

- I did use the Bluetooth-PC version for power plants commissioning & start-up in Germany, Ireland and UK. I know very well your products and really satisfied with them..... For my job and daily task as a commissioning engineer is a must have!

- Recomendado!!!!

ProComSol will be exhibiting at the Ohio Section Conference this September 11th in Cleveland.  Will will have all our products on hand for demonstration as well as a few from our industry partners.  Learn more about the conference here.
Due to Additional Demand, Training
Workshops Added in Austin, TX
HART logo
HART Fundamentals and QA Testing Workshop

August 26-27, 2019 – Austin, Texas
Device Integration - Writing EDD and FDI Package

August 28-30, 2019 – Austin, Texas

In The News.....
Orange Seagull Is Actually Covered In Curry Powder

Veterinary workers at a U.K. wildlife hospital said the bird was healthy but had a very “pungent” smell.  It seems the brightly colored bird somehow got doused in turmeric and was unable to fly as a result.  Clearly someone at the turmeric processing plant needs to do an instrument maintenance check! 
Read more here.
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