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July 2018




Although the concept of IoT within Industry 4.0 may be hazy to most, there are at least three concepts that need to stay in the forefront while facilities plan for improvement.  According to a recent article published by PlantServices, Connectivity, Mobility and Usability are vital to consider when planning a successful IoT upgrade.  Connectivity in this instance relates to getting data from all devices off of the plant floor for analytics and analysis.  Mobility refers to the ability to get the software app onto a mobile device (ie DevCom) for real time insight in turn providing the worker with an instant interface.  Usability refers to how eager the worker is to use the tools provided.  If an employee is unable or unwilling to adopt a new instrument the entire data set will be skewed. 


Bottom line is that there is so much valuable data available and accessable, an organization needs to have a clear and consistent IoT strategy from the plant floor to the top floor. 


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DevCom + EtherNet = Easy Remote Access with HART-IP

The HART® Protocol was enhanced in 2012 to include the transmission of HART data over the Internet Protocol (IP) using Transmission Communication Protocol (TCP). HART-IP is simply the HART protocol rendered over Ethernet. The addition of HART-IP capability to HART host applications provides a quick and easy way to configure, monitor and diagnose HART devices on WirelessHART networks. HART Device communications can be wireless if the plant has a Wi-Fi network in place. HART-IP device access then removes the need to go onto the plant floor to view or change the configuration of a device. This provides significant time and cost savings and improved personnel safety. For more in depth information, a link to our white paper is below or shoot us an e-mail.
HART-IP Whitepaper


Thanks for your feedback!

Procomsol welcomes all of the feedback we can get.  Here is a recent testimonial... 
“Most of our people have android phones so it makes sense to run the DevComDroid software on our own devices rather than more cumbersome handheld devices. Bluetooth capability lets us remotely control the connected device so reduces the need for two people doing an end to end loop check. It’s dependable and efficient technology, and has saved us time and money.”

- A satisfied user in New Zealand

DevCom Update

DevComDroid (current v2.2.0.9) and DevComiOS (current v. were update earlier this month.  Update includes:
  • Added CalCheck feature - This feature allows the user to verify and document the calibration performance of their HART devices.
  • Language updates to the following: Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
  • Fixed configuration save with commas in tag or long tag.
  • Softing mobilLink support - a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective solution for device parameterization.

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Just a few days left for ProComSol to Ruggedize your device!

Transform your personal device into a full HART communicator and make it rugged on us!  With our DevCom Smart Communicator App and our Bluetooth HART modems, you can use your Smartphone as a full featured HART communicator at a fraction of the cost of a hand held communicator. For July 2018, ProComSol is offering an Amazon E-Card so you can purchase an Otterbox to make your device rugged! *A $30 USD Amazon E-Card will be emailed to customers who register their DevCom App purchase. Simply e-mail your ProComSol invoice number to to register your purchase. 

ProComSol recently met with other members of the FieldComm Group in Barcelona, Spain for the 2nd Working Group meeting of 2018. This meeting included 66 attendees representing 24 unique companies from 11 different countries. Full days of hard work were rewarded with evenings of delicious food and socializing colleagues from around the globe.
ProComSol participated in the HART Technology and Marketing Working Groups. Discussion topics included HART-IP, HART test specifications, and HART test automation. Marketing topics included social media, engaging the FieldComm Group membership, and regional marketing activities.  The next FieldComm Group Working Group Meeting will be held Q4 2018 in Singapore.

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  Shark Week  JULY 22 - JULY 28 
The Discovery Channels week long celebration of sharks is now in its 30th year, aired in roughly 70 countries and is being hosted by Shaquille O'Neal.  Originally created as an educational tool to de-bunk shark myths, the series continues to be the longest running cable TV programming event. 
They certainly are fascinating creatures!  Did you know
sharks can see almost as well behind them as they can in front, a shark can hear a fish in the water from more than a mile away or about 75 shark species are in danger of becoming extinct?

Happy viewing!

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