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Providing advanced HART Communication products, now in our 15th year!

ProComSol, Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced, cost-effective, and reliable HART communication products for the Process Control marketplace. We are dedicated to providing the best HART products on the market, helping our customers to connect, configure, and document their essential operations.  
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected us globally, we are sending this email to let you know that ProComSol is open for business.  The majority of our team is working remotely with a small crew onsite to manage production and supplier deliveries. We are doing our best to fulfill orders as usual. Our staff is available to assist you as usual by phone or email.

process control industry
ProComSol is a leader in process control communication products.  Innovative new products and continuous improvements on our existing offerings are part of our mission.  It is with a great excitement that we introduce the new ProComSol Configuration Cloud Solution. 
The story is an old one and unfortunately, one that repeats itself too often.  Your problem at hand demands specific information right now. But the information is out of reach.  Maybe the person that has the information is sick at home.  Maybe the information was lost.  To solve your problem, you have to wait, and time is money.  What if you didn’t have to wait?  A key aspect of the mobile revolution is that essential data is literally at your fingertips.  With the Configuration Cloud feature from ProComSol, your essential data is here, right now, so solve your problem!
Some specific examples of the Configuration Cloud in use:
Instant Back Up Saves the Day, Literally!
- Joe performed 20 configuration saves on his shift
- He returns to office, but tablet is now dead
- Using the Configuration Cloud feature, all his work was saved on the cloud so the whole day was not lost
- Bonus! He gets a spare tablet up and running in minutes, no need to order a $10K communicator
- There are many variations on this story - tablet lost, technician out sick, etc.
Known Good Configuration
- Pam is re-configuring a device, but got one parameter wrong and now nothing works or looks right
- She then grabs last known good device configuration from cloud saved by Mick last week
- Pam restores device to original configuration then starts reconfiguration over - this time more carefully!
How did the Configuration Cloud help Joe and Pam?  Mick purchased the DevCom App with the Configuration Cloud feature for every member of his team.  Acting as the Group Administrator, he created a Group with Joe, Pam, and himself as members.  Each time Joe, Pam, or Mick saved a device configuration using DevCom, a copy of the data was sent the secure ProComSol server.  The group members then can access the device configurations saved by other group members.  So Joe can see the configurations Pam saved and so on.  These configurations are regularly backed-up so will never be lost, even if the tablet is.
The Configuration Cloud Solution is just the beginning of the Cloud journey at ProComSol.  The Cloud road map includes Device status and Device measurement capture to the cloud, continuous online monitoring of your devices, and automated text/email notifications.  All the promise of IIoT realized in a cost effective, easy to setup and manage solution.  Stay tuned!
process control industry
An update to the DD (Device Descriptor) library is now available for our DevCom software. If you need some assistance making sure your library is up to date, shoot us an e-mail.
process control industry
Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your DevCom software for the most optimal performance.  Here are the latest versions.
E-mail questions.

DevCom.iOS  now at Rev 
DevComDroid now at Rev 
DevCom2000  now at Rev 6.5 
process control industry
We wish you health and safety during this difficult time.
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